Almost a year... After the Fire Storm

Whiting Ranch re opened in July and we have been taking full advantage. There is no doubt that the fire swept through the entire park but there are areas that have been spared. The stream bed along Borrego Trail has retained allot of trees and some brush. But the erosion from higher slopes has filled the stream with sand. More work for sure, stay light on the bike, pac some momentum in your Cammelback, give it middle chain ring speed before you sink in. The top end of Mustard Rd. is now in sight because most of the brush and trees are gone. Now you can see just how much more of this punishing climb you have left to enjoy .

The County has done a great job of making improvements & adding trails along with their repairs ! Most importantly, there is life popping up everywhere. New buds growing out of burnt melted cactus'.... Live Oak's, some in this grove are 100s of years old, with black trunks but green leaves.... Fresh Sage & other native vegetation.