Why am I Here ?

I live in one of the most heavily populated areas of the US. The Los Angeles Basin is held up as a poster child for Inconvenient Truths. The truth is that on any given day there are few places on earth with more people recreating outside, experiencing our natural world. We moved here for different reasons but the ease of accessing nature brings a smile to my face over and over.

Mountain Biking paradise is where you find it.
I find it between the Cleveland National Forest and the Pacific Ocean. From sea level at Laguna Beach to 5,687 ft in the Santa Ana Mountains. To say that it is my comfort zone would be completely wrong. There is just a little comfort in this sport.

I love Main Stream Sports but gravitate towards the Tributaries, taking a wider view, accepting athletes that don't even get paid. Sports are Inclusive, more about doing than just watching.
If I can improve on my writing and get the word out here, that will be OK.

Right now the Bikes are in the garage.