more... Mountains & Blizzards

I've changed the lead photo, taking down the "After the Socal Fire Storm" image. I took the new picture from a high angle between storms, in my travels. You might compare it to Front Range from Eastern CO or the High Sierra from Death Valley but its the The San Gabriel & San Bernardino Mt's. My vantage point was about 2,000' up in the Santa Ana Mt's. 5 miles from Anaheim.

I was so pumped watching Green Bay play Seattle in the on & off blizzard Saturday. Of course the Packers were completely at home in the conditions, completing pass after pass. Bret Favre said, "I've been waiting for that for 17 years - it was awesome. It was the most snow I've ever played in." Mike Holmgren must have been kicking himself and Paul Allen was wondering, why can't it just be pouring rain?

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