le Tour

The 3rd Amgen Tour of California is underway here, 7 stages 668 miles. Top US and International teams are yielding high levels of competition. Its ironic that a pharmaceutical company may be instrumental in helping scare Cycling straight, closing the door on rampid drug use. Hopefully this race can join Tour de Georgia as established American cycling Icons. The sport needs to break out of its troubled era, bringing more events to the US could be a great way to do this. It has been tried many times of course but International Road Racing here has always taken a beating for one reason or other.

The good news is that Sports Visionary, David Stern is about to add a 3rd division to the NBA. Look for the NBA European Division, to start battling the East and West for some respect. I see the parallel, there is no reason why Cycling and Basketball can't work both sides of the pond.

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