Where have all the flowers gone ?

Well here I go not posting for months, whatever things I am not doing, I am riding. Last year and this winter have been the best I can remember on two wheels. We started with Mt Wilson via Chantry, Gabrielino & Rim trail then went back again and again, 3 different ascents measuring about the same 4000' of gain in 6 miles. The decent of Sturtavant twice was a blast but my ill conceived run down the Mt Wilson Trail was a dangerous mess of abandoned sun baked ridge trail and decomposed granite fall lines.

OC Parks opened a sweet single track at Nix on Laguna Canyon rd. We eventually connected it, though overgrown trail, into El Moro down to PCH and back at 16 miles and over 3000' of gain. Whiting reopened in July re born, followed by Santiago and The Luge downhill, revamped and livin large. The ride I had missed the most of the fire closures is also ours again. There is a high meadow above 4000' on Maple Springs, surrounded by pines and laurel that brings me back to the Catskills. We have ridden it 3 times in the sun & snow since Nov. the last time going all the way to Santiago peak 5687'.
The San Juan Trail defines single track with dozens of switchbacks, it commands attention in so many ways. Today the canyon was filled with warm moist air making the lower trail tacky. Turning onto the southern exposure did not bring its normal blast of hot air, the cloud cover persisted so the ride across to the top was literally a cool breeze. 7 miles out, 3500' of gain, then return stopping to soak in the views and some rare Southern California silence.