In-Bev cracks open Beer Powers Act...

US Beer Super Power Coors-Miller, aspires to North American dominance but has been dealt a blow of international proportion by In-Bev. The Belgian conglomerate has made a preemptive strike, adding Anheuser Busch to its arsenal of strategically placed brewing giants. Already blanketing Europe, the Eastern European states and Asia, In-Bev's South American and Canadian operations are now fused geographically by Budweiser. Reports of possible connections to the US Presidential race are unconfirmed but would result in further erosion of the balance of beer powers.

Perhaps the most troubling finding however, is In-Bev's establishment of its 'Antarctica' brand. Belgium was an original signitor of the Antarctic Treaty in Dec 1959. Article -7 grants free access but does not allow branding or proliferation on the Continent. Al Gore is concerned about the melting ice pac, that may be the result of chilling stockpiled suds. Jamaican brand, Red Stripe made an apt description of the tense situation; "Its Total Gridlock Mon."

Our investigation has uncovered evidence that may lead to dangerous confrontations:
Bud has a history of First Strike ability.
Top Secret Coors-Miller video leaked.Cycling mobility may be a factor:

Independent Delivery Systems:

Beer rocketry scienceSecret Plans & Camouflaged ICBM's (intercontinental BEER missiles)

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