Olympic.... not just a Pool Size

The Olympics always spark debate and this year we have hit the Mother Lode. I read an interesting commentary today on Marketplace, the excellent no BS business+ site & radio program. It got me thinking about Sports. In the last 2 weeks I recorded and watched hours of the US Olympic Trials, so I'm primed for Track & Field for sure. Even though I have some strong views on China (see my, 1freetibet.blogspot.com) I'm not really ready for the Pundits telling me how pure, A-Political and non commercial the Games were 2,700 years ago.

The most astute historian has little chance of seeing the Olympics from the perspective of person X, Y or Z living in that time. The fact is, the games do include the realities of the age, in which they occur. The Marketplace Commentary and pointed remarks illustrate this well enough for our age, so what is left ?

The imperfections of our world do not stop during the Olympic Games but they are of no concern to the Athlete that got up at 4 AM to train for years. That person knows its time to Execute and as fans, we see the miracle of their abilities, attempting perfection. The feeling I get watching, sparks a connection to the best in me. The human archetype is uncovered repeatedly during the Olympic Games and it gives us each the stamina to take up the tasks necessary to improve our world.