The Links..... Hugging your Chain Ring

If you are reading this instead of riding I can only imagine that; You are dead tired from hammering trails all day; Its 2 AM your battery pac failed so you had to ride home in the dark; or you are still traumatized after being saved from a cougar attack by a rattlesnake in the middle of the most recent Socal forest Fire. However it is, that you arrived here I thought you might like to check out some Mountain Bike Links.

There is now something called GeoLadders where you can watch a GPS log of riders completing trails recording times, posting pics and reviews. This site basically lays down the goods on how you may stack up against other MB mutants in your area. The excitement of Pink passing Blue on Black Star was riveting !
Check it out, the pics appear as you would see them on the trail.

Here is a site with links to OC trails and mines with map links
or just enjoy the Silver Crest double wide mobile estate.

Local has 242 hikes in LA, the 909 & OC, not to mention the rest of the USA has Socal trails, even goes international, then pushes ur pulse up w/ helmet cam video.
Low Rider ?

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