Open letter to my Brother in Law.... NY Knicks


I chatted with Marie last week but as I read and watch what is happening in New York, I realize that you have needs too. It is all too easy for me to sit here 3,000 miles away shaking my head in disbelief following the Knicks. The details of the trial, Marbury's free pass out of Phoenix, the startling result of Isaiah's new contract. You however have lived through each agonizing year, through every detail. Allot of that pain is back there in repressed memory eating away at your very positive sporting nature. Don't expect James Dolan to pony up for any therapy sessions, its all on you my friend.

The energy it must take for you, to just open the paper every morning. George, people around the country can't conceive that in New York no one can ignore the Knicks, or stop being a fan. Just like when the Mets, Jets & Giants stunk up professional sports, each fan must accept the guilt and take responsibility. We both know you have no choice in the matter.

I confess that I have written dozens of comments & posts on how Mitch Kupczyk, Kobe Bryant or Jerry Buss complicate my life as a fan. If I add up all of my sports frustration: The Lakers; Having NO Professional Football here; Being forced to say 'The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim' instead of, The Angles; Even from Beckham blowing out his Knee for England during an international friendly at Wembly, so Galaxy would have no playoff chance...... All of it, is just a walk in the park. My heart goes out to you. Compared to your sports reality, I'm out on a Steve Perillo, Hawaiian Holiday Cruise.

Oh, I guess you have some snow for the Parade tomorrow, Enjoy.


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